Saturday, June 20, 2009

I sat in the prop room for a few hours the other day doing these two pelvis studies. for some reason drawing all the subtle twists, turns, valleys, and hills really tickled me in a place where I haven't been tickled for a while.. haha I feel like i did when I was struggling to draw box people in class... everything seems new and fresh again. I hope it lasts. I'll have to go to the prop room more often.

and here are some 5 minutes and pastel foolings around:


rad sechrist said...

Awesome! Just found your blog. Really cool!

Josh Kao said...

that pastel style looks fresh

marco's blog said...

beautiful! great work!

Sergio Martinez said...

I like your drawings.
You have a nice touch ( can I say Take?) with the FORM.
Great work !
Thanks for your partnership..!
Friendly yours Sergio

Sezura said...

When each mark is based off observation not just sight-seeing, but backed up by the subject's structure, does the tickle feeling return on a drawing to drawing circumstance. But you also get tired very quickly from working your eyes and mind that you can't have a beer and chips after the session :P